Redress From the Inside Out!

Well Dressed Man with Messed up mind

Redress Yourself From the Inside Out In 2016

Have you seen individuals that wear the most awesome clothes, hair and nails are well-groomed and maintained, driving the latest hot car? But, you notice something is very wrong with their decision-making process, and their relationships seem surface. In other words, the individual seems to be perfect, but something is still wrong.

Well the times that we now live in, whatever is soft or unstable in our internal system of emotions could literally break or rupture in this hour.

We live in a world where things change quickly. It is called the Age of Information. Our lives could take significant turns in almost an instant due to the rapid rate of how information is shared across the globe. Hence, our human internal systems must be functioning as close to maximum capacity as possible to process quick ever-changing life events.

The Mind

The mind is the most impressive and complex organ in the human body, in rank with the heart for our daily survival and consciousness. The complexity of the human brain has not ceased in its existence to boggle and baffle the minds of the greatest scientist and physicians for centuries, even in the Age of Information and technology advancements. However, we must keep the mind as healthy as possible by internal awareness. Being aware of when it needs to rest, be fed with good food and information, recognizing when there has been an emotional or mental wreck.

For too long there has been this taboo about addressing mental illness in any capacity by the everyday person. Due to the callous language people sometimes use when referring to those who may have encountered some type of life crisis that might have shifted the normalcy of ones thinking capacity. Without getting too technical, there are many factors that can contribute to mental shifts in how the brain processes information; family genetics, chemical imbalances, drug abuse, physical accidents, emotional abuse, traumatic life events, to name a few. The intent in this blog is to bring real awareness that we cannot continue to dress our exteriors in a phenomenal way and act as if our internal does not deem the same attention. The way we treat our insides will eventually manifest on the outside in how we cope with life and deal in our relationships. How have you been treating your mind lately? Do you nourish it with fresh air, positive people, reading, prayer, observance, faith, owning your contributions in misunderstandings or blaming others, speaking purpose and destiny affirmations so you will have what you say, counseling, coaching, old matters of the heart and unresolved issues explored and released?

Psychotherapy or “Talk Therapy” is not a curse, but the best medicine when we have been injured in our emotions whether we know it or not. It is not necessary to always seek out mental wellness professionals, but it is necessary to speak with someone who is mentally sound, honest, confidential, and has your best interest at heart. But, for heaven sake, “Talk Therapy” is highly recommended and should become a very real part of your daily life. Yes, there are times to be quiet and have alone time, but then there is a time to talk. Consider the kind of home, workplace, community we would have if everyone took responsibility for their own mental health and wellness. Travel, read a book, attend conferences and workshops outside of familiar circles to expand your thinking and views. Challenge yourself to “Be Who You Be”, to be the best you that you can be!

So many individuals have made wrong decisions in life because of a cluttered mind. We have married, chosen business partners and careers, opened businesses, that we now despise because we did not attend to or were even aware that there had been an accident in our mind and emotions. So we made decisions on what we thought it should look like or how it is suppose to go. We can only make decisions at the level and capacity where our mind functions. It is time to get our minds right.

If I knew then what I know now, my life would be very different. Redress for Success in 2016……….from the inside out!

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  1. Theresa Taylor

    This blog really requires you to look “into’ yourself and regard the inner being in addition to dressing up the outside!

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