It’s Golden: Life Coaching Up Close?

by Bobbie Clark-Alexander, M.Ed., MA-HSC, BS
Nov 5, 2019

It seems like everyone is a life coach these days. What has happened to cause so many people to make this proclamation upon one self to coach someone in their life challenges, struggles, insecurities, or decision-making processes. Don’t we live and learn best by our own life experiences? Well, if you want to use all your time in this one life we get learning everything by experience then you aren’t going to do much living! Life is to be enjoyed at its fullest in the good times and bad times. Making the best of each day we see on this Earth should be celebrated and fully lived.

People have come to a place of realization in these times of economic uncertainty, rumors of wars, and political unrest caused by poor leadership at every level of governing authorities. It becomes silently real as we look around and see how things really are in our world and decide that it has to be a better way to live. So getting closer to family, increasing and giving more time to a faith life and coming to the belief that there has got to be a sovereign living being who knows better about what we should be doing to live our best lives. Whatever the case may be, it is unquestionable that we have to live our lives differently than we did prior to the 21 Century where nano second communication and technology can change our life forever in an instant.

Life coaching is golden and cannot help you from afar.

Life Coaching is Golden! When we in America think of golden wedding anniversaries, or 50th Birthday Celebrations, it marks a very special place in life. It is believed that the number 40 represents the end of trial and testing, so once we reach 50 years in a marriage or life, it serves to reason that one has triumph to a place of status, accomplishment, and that it should be recognized. Think about when scrap gold is melted and purified, the process is so heated that anything impure cannot take the heat floats to the top and skimmed off the top leaving approximately 99% pure gold. So when anything is made synonymous to gold, it gives the connotation that it has been tried and proven! It means that whatever is being compared to golden, it has stood the test and tried by extreme heat and steal remains. Wow! However, in the first 50 years of life we are usually working and preparing for the second 50 years of our life. Hoping after all the work and preparation that we will see and live what we’ve prepared for.

People are realizing it is smart to hire a life coach to help them plow through and get ahead leaving time to live their life at maximum level. This is why one cannot get effective life coaching from afar, or in passing, nor FREE sessions and infomercial videos. FREE sessions are just that, they tell you for FREE what you can have but not the steps and processes of HOW! You have to buy in! The life coach has a wealth of knowledge and experience in whatever area of expertise they have mastered. Of course, check the success level of coach with other client testimonials and/or recommendations. Have you ever heard the saying, “You have to be in it to win it?” Well, the saying is true. FREE coaching from some of the best life coaches will not give you your individual process and road map. Solid life coaching is tailor-made and designed just for your specific situation by the coach to be done up close.

People who seek life coaching for FREE or discount pricing does not understand the abstract value of it. You maybe very intelligent, educated, and lived an exposed life. But there is no one on this Earth who knows everything, or how to do it, or get there. The right life coach knows how to get you there and/or show you what to do by utilizing the extensive wealth of knowledge and success he/she goldenly embodies. Are you life coaching from afar because you don’t want to make the investment says, you’re not ready, or you really don’t want what you know that coach can help you to achieve. Sometimes we want things that we aren’t willing to pay the price and put the work in so we self sabotage ourselves with excuses that it cost too much. A life coach coaches you to your desired destination by showing you how to use what you already possess!!! In other words, you’re paying someone to coach you “UP” to become a better you. Someone who coaches you forward from a place of stagnation. Life Coaching is Golden Up Close!

“……I am the exception to the rule life coach, when everyone counts you out I count you in!”

My elevator spill when asked, “What do you do?” My quick action response is” I am the exception to the rule life coach because when everyone else counts you out I count you in!” Then the next question is, “What makes you the exception?” I respond. “Because I’m gifted and trained to identify innate gifting and analyze your in-take forms in a special way.” Hence, “I get you from where you are to where you desire or aspire to be!” Then, I’m usually asked, “What is the difference between a life coach and counselor?” My follow-up response is, “A life coach takes you from where you are forward to meet desired goals in the short run with high success; and a counselor takes you backwards to revisit certain life experiences to find out what has you stuck and unable to move forward!” As a life coach, I am trained, skilled, and have scientific academic theory tools to go both directions to get you coached to your desired place of aspiration you signed on with me for. But none of it can happen if the client does not understand and appreciate the high abstract value the life coach and counselor possesses.

Not every life coach has a college degree or even need one if their life and work experiences weigh heavily in the realm of documented and verifiable success. However, most life coaches like myself with high success outcomes with their clients possess earned post-secondary degrees from accredited institutions. Coupled with life experience, on the job professional accomplishments in various fields of the workplace whether professional or skilled workers & laborers from Corporate America to the deer hunter. The life coaches who fall within the confines of these descriptions will usually cost anywhere between $1K – $50K+ if considered an expert in their field of coaching. Are you still there?

Yes, great and successful life coaching does not come cheap! Why? Because of the investment the life coach made in themselves before becoming a life coach. What has to understood is that the wealth of knowledge that the individuals you hired invested steeply in themselves (colleges, seminars, other life coaches, day trainings, life experiences) causes their worth to be extraordinary. Hence, you receive all of what they know in your sessions and interaction when being coached by them. For instance, I know my 4 formal academic degrees cost me no less than a quarter of a million dollars. This does not include life experience, professional and corporate work experience, faith-based training, service, and life lived, life coaches and much more quantify in value a few million. In other words, we get what we pay for.

Life Coaching is Golden! A great life coach has golden plus value even if they aren’t 50 years old, or been in business for 50 years. It is the accomplishments and successes that can be proven and validated gives them their golden status to help others accomplish their goals.

Meet the Life Coach at the Golden door. But you must invest in yourself, step inside the door to partake of the Golden treasury that lies unidentified or misunderstood inside of you!

Life Coaching is Golden and Up Close! Otherwise, it’s like a beautiful house front in a movie studio lot, just a front to look at, admire, and walk away with basically nothing.

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  1. LeKeisha Cotten

    De. Bobbie,

    This is such a good read – jam-packed with pertinent and must-know information about your business and how to differentiate Life Coaches and Counselors. Thank you for being so clear!!!

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