Don’t Throw Baby Out w/Bath Water



The 21st Century “Age of Information & Technology” where we have become accustomed to getting information quickly. The subtlety of desensitization! In psychology, desensitization is defined as the diminished emotional responsiveness to a negative or aversive stimulus after repeated exposure to it. As individuals, many of us have become so addicted emotionally to getting results quick and in a hurry which most times end in adverse outcomes because of quick and bad decisions. Good decisions should encompass information, experience, and a little time to ponder on the matter before going into “Due Diligence” final decision mode, and launch. In the year 2016, economics, politics, culture, climatic, and technological dynamics are at a level of acceleration never experienced before in human history. So, with the heightening of so many unknowns, we as humans are bound to make huge life-changing, or even global mistakes that will not allow the option of “Reset” or “Redo”. We live in a global community, where global economics and technology connects us all.

Identifying Potential and Greatness Without Current Manifestations

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater is an idiomatic expression and a concept[1] used to suggest an avoidable error in which something good is eliminated when trying to get rid of something bad,[2] or in other words, rejecting the essential along with the inessential.[3] (Wikipedia). Our desensitized thought follow through process has caused us to become microwave thinkers. Where we many times will discard the good of a person or thing because of our inability to deal with the unwanted behaviors of them. As humans, we all internalized and process things differently. Our views on life matters come from or are inspired, or are influenced by experiences. Personal experiences and life breaches so many times hinder individuals from processing beyond a psychological comfort zone. If an individual fell out of a tree as a child, and never got past the psychological trauma of the incident, chances are there will be many issues of fear in their adult life, especially with heights. Using the hypothetical example of falling from a tree as a child and now an adult: You may have an individual critical to your business team that takes the train to the “Think Tank” meeting in Canada with a big potential client due to his fear of heights and will not fly with everyone else. The meeting could cause your company to increase exponentially on the bottom line annually. Do you get rid of him, or figure out a way to help him get over his fear, or explore other possible options of dealing with this valuable asset to your company or vision until they can overcome. Such a situation is workable if all parties involved are willing to sit down and hash through it with openness and sound communication.

As a life coach and counselor, I get a lot of practice speaking to client’s potential and not their current reality, so I would have an optimistic view here. However, I was not always at this level of thinking due to immaturity and lack of education and life experiences. This blog today is to cause one to think. What have you thrown out in life or lately because of your inability to deal with the unwanted dynamics of what has or will have a profound affect on your bottom line in business or in your life? There are people I would love to say, “Be Gone” to! But thank heaven, maturity, and managing with emotional intelligence. This blog is only a fraction of intelligence to cause the process of real thought to not throw out what has extreme value.

Closing Testimony

I have a really good friend of 13 years that served in the U.S. Military in a high ranking position. He worked in a liaison position between generals and enlisted personnel and was accustomed to complete regard and respect when he entered any room or grounds of military communities. Well, our friendship came about through civilian dynamics. We met on a plane on assignment, he on military business and me on company business. Great friendship resulted, purely platonic and valued still today! However, one day we had a huge disagreement and he begin speaking at me as if we were on military assignment, which I was clearly unable to comprehend being a civilian and entrepreneur………completely two different worlds. I had yielded so many times to his over powering commands of controlling everything until this time. I yielded, or submitted to his rants to keep down confusion and get work done that I needed for my business. Additionally, with us both being leaders, our talks and sharing of challenges we both experienced as leaders were priceless. So I realized early in our friendship that he was an asset. He was someone who understood my language, thus critically valuable to me. Well, the disagreement where I stood my grounds infuriated him so much that I did not hear from him for an entire year. I said good riddance and God bless you. I felt that I gave him more respect than he deserved over the years, and decided to draw the line. After all, he apparently did not see my value to make the time to talk things through, so he had no place in my space any longer. Over that year I did think about him, but really felt that I had had my fill with his behavior and did not feel any guilt. I wanted to discuss, come to an understanding, squash it, and build an even stronger friendship. Well, after a solid year of being estranged, he called. It turns out that he had 2 life crisis and said he knew he should have called me. He struggled calling me for over 8 months after he claims God told him to do so. This man is not the pew seeker in anyone’s church, so I almost passed out when he said he had heard from God! The long short of it was that he clearly exclaimed that I was a huge asset in his life, and that no matter what disagreements we have, nothing is to damage or hinder out friendship. However, I was not letting him off the hook that easy. I asked him about all the rants and stated I was not going to tolerate them anymore. His reply was, “I will still rant at times, but will be very respectful, grateful, and appreciative of the asset you are in my life!” Well, I accepted his apology quickly after that and we became stronger life and destiny supports to each other after that. We don’t talk every day or every week, but it’s amazing that we know when something is wrong with the other without talking. He recently was elected to a local political office and appointed to another in his community. He gives me a lot of credit on his latest feats because he says that I saw it in him all along.

Connections are not basically made for our selfish gains and motives, but for the greater good from a greater source. Moving our little minds and flesh out of the way can bring us into a powerful place in our communities, and nation where we can impact the globe.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water……’s just not the time!

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(Disclaimer: Wikipedia Source is not regarded as scholarly in certain academic institutions, but deemed suitable for the points shared in this blog).

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