Consistency Is A State of Mind!


Consistency Does Not Mean To Grind Daily But Is A State Of Mind

When I checked for the definition of consistency best suited for what I want to share on this blog, there were 3 to choose from. I chose the 3rd definition for consistency; agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole : correspondence; specifically : ability to be asserted together without contradiction. The part of the definition I most like is the last part……ability to be asserted together without contradiction.

Over the years as I tried to focus and be consistent on projects that would make money to take care of me and my daughter, I found the consistency part was hard. Everyday there were life challenges that had to be attended to and if left unattended could spiral out of control causing greater challenges later. On the days that I could not physically put my hand to the plow of the particular project I was working on to handle other important personal situations, I felt unproductive, discouraged, and irritated. This happened over and over again until one day I had an “Aha” moment. That moment when the light bulb of the mind comes on when you try to figure out how in the world to make that dream or vision become a reality. Honestly, I was at the point of giving up entrepreneurship and considering returning to Corporate America. But back to the “Aha” moment! I realized that even though I had to take care of daily life matters which took away time from direct focus on whatever project I was working on, my mindset was still consistent in thought while I was driving, meeting people, or shopping causing fresh air to spark ideas, creativity, and innovation to happen. Yes, consistency is a state of mind! Just as the last part of the definition states; ability to be asserted together without contradiction. Even though I was not in my office physically at my desk, I was still asserted in my mindset about the project I was working on that I needed to successfully complete without contradiction to the task. Then, the first part of the definition states, agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole. The mind tells the entire body what to do, so once I realized that my actions lined up with what was in my mind, there was agreement, harmony, of parts to one another.

So next time you begin to vacillate over physical time away from a project or assignment–Don’t! Realize that time away gives room for creativity, rest, and a renewed mind or view to bring back to the table for more productive, sometimes quicker, and innovative results. At the inception of the project your brain alerted your thought processes of the mind that the project has to be successfully completed because Consistency is a State of Mind! When you are away from the thing you want to get done, in the back of your mindset, you really are not. #BeWhoYouBe

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