Can You Microwave to the Gold?


In the spirit of the Olympics in Rio I am encouraged and motivated to motivate!

It amazes me how so many can watch from the comfort of our homes and cheer on the athletes in the Olympics but cannot associate the same mentality for our own personal goals. Even though we watch the side stories of all the hard work of those winning the gold invested, somehow as onlookers too many of us have a 1, 2, 3 steps to success mentality for our own personal endeavors. In other words, a “microwave mentality” to success. How can this be? How can one watch the commentary and stories about the years of training, overcoming failures, sacrifice, large sums of money and time invested think we can receive the gold in our endeavors, or even be in the running with a “microwave mentality”.

As a life coach people expect me to have the answers to help them meet their desired goals and aspirations. Therefore, it is vital and imperative that I self motivate, get the training, continue educating and be a life learner; surround myself with others who have gone past where I currently occupy to be effective and relevant in my craft. Everyday I wake up with a mind to win but my body and challenges from the day before do not always agree with my mind. So I have to remember the training and coaching I have acquired through the years, life experiences, triumphs and failures, to continue to accept the fact that winners never quit! Even when the things in my life and business look bleak and sometimes even appear dead I have trained my “thinking floor” to never give up. My “thinking floor” is the place I end up in my mind after I have vacillated through ideas and coulda-shoulda-wouldas, not allowing my emotions to win. I end up right back to the understanding that winners never quit if they desire to get the gold. To be extraordinary, one cannot do the ordinary.

I keep my eyes on those who have gone past the stages that I have in successful and integrous ways. The thing I notice most about those individuals is that they never consider themselves of having arrived to a point where they stop learning, training, and expanding their mind to innovate what has already been done. Currently, I am somewhat obsessed in gleaning from the billionaire Nicolas Berggruen because of his unorthodox way in approaching everything he endeavors. He is now investing hundreds of millions of dollars on discovering and/or exploring ideas because he says the world needs new ones – I agree! So he hired several professors from UCLA to tutor him one-on-one about history, philosophy, and other trends of life and business that has shaped our world. Nicolas Berggruen has set his sights on achieving the gold in discovering new ideas and investing the time, attention, and money necessary to intentionally get the desired outcomes. As a philanthropist and investor, Nicolas understands impacting lives of others is a must for winners.

Winners are not lazy and understand the investment and sacrifices necessary to get the gold

In amazement at times, I think about the clientele I have serviced and those I am on the brink of servicing and wonder how blessed I am. But then, it would be remiss of me not to look back over and consider the past 25 years of sacrifices, hard work, and investments made to have the outcome I am experiencing. None of my training came in the form of 1, 2, 3, “how to” microwave steps. It was thousands of dollars in travel for my secular life coaching and faith-based prophetic coaching training. Hundreds of papers researched and written, countless days pulling all nighters for academic exams or praying for a breakthrough for myself and others. Raising my children alone while working consulting jobs, teaching in the classroom, and matriculating a double masters degree. 10 years of flying to Tulsa, Ok for prophetic training workshops and mentoring. Years of looking crazy to others who chose traditional cookie cutter mode lifestyles and careers. Though I have not arrived to the monetary status of Nicolas mentioned above, somehow I innately knew investing in others was a part of my growth and training process. I am a faithful investor in education funds and entrepreneur start-ups at the lowly level of my current status. Not waiting to hit it big before impacting lives of others, but on my climb up the ladder, giving of what I have. I do not consider myself to have arrived, but I am on the way.

The purpose of this blog today is to cause you to think and consider if you are putting in the sacrifices necessary to get the gold? Or, are you trying to microwave to the gold? I cannot in my mind cognitively comprehend individuals who say they are called to do great and mighty things in the Earth but expect the preparedness without the investments necessary. Consider your path to the gold, is it realistic or a fleeting thought that is unrealistic to get the outcome you desire and hope for?

Be Who You Be!

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