Be Who You Be! #2016


Bobbie Clark-Alexander, M.Ed., MA-HSC, BS
The Exception To The Rule Life Coach! When Others Count You Out, I Count You In!
However, Rules & Processes to Success are a must!

2015 was an eventful year, full of obstacles, challenges, rediscovery, being misunderstood, and vision. Happy and eyes wide open, focused, and embracing 2016! A new year full of opportunity and new challenges. The thing most different for me is my view on people and life. I love truth with those I consider my family, friends, and inner-circle. But I finally realized that such a view for some I deem special do not desire the same. It took prayer and meditation, time alone with God to come up with a new way of dealing with this undeniable truth. I have decided to be who I am at 100 without excuse.

2016 is the year to know who you truly are no matter what others think!

We are coming into totally different dynamics from those we have known and practiced during our lifetime. Heighten political unrest, climatic instability resulting in natural disasters, economic unknowns, increased lack of faith in God and abiding truths of His word, fear, technological advancements that increase our knowledge but desensitizes and weakens our social and moral barometers. Everyone wants to have his/her own set of life standards to live by. It is one of the most critical times in the ages of mankind. A time of so many unknowns, so not knowing who we are is unacceptable, and true formula for disaster in challenging times.

This past weekend, I empowered some very precious ladies who stayed until 4:00am to hear me teach at a pajama party scheduled to end at 2am. So it was very imperative that I shared information to help them in their 2016. One of the most poignant nuggets I shared with them was that in addition to dealing with interpersonal dynamics and realities, that identifying their circle of 5 was just as critical. Yes, there are times we must go alone, but this is a millennium to have trusted connects. To Be Who You Be!, one must understand that No man is an island, and no matter how risky and uncomfortable it may feel, we all need to have like minded individuals we can trust and respect. As your circle of 5 encourage and empower each other to Be Who You Be!….each of them win in the days and times of uncertainty.

There it is, short and sweet! Be Who You Be in 2016! Identify your circle of 5!

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