A Monday Soul Check!

What Does Your Soul Look Like Today? by: Bobbie Clark-Alexander, M.Ed., MA-Psychology & Counseling, B.S.

There is a bible scripture that says ….the eye is the window to the soul (Proverbs 30:17}. As a Christian Psychological Counselor, I greet all my clients with a big smile no matter what is happening in their lives. However, in order to be effective in my counseling it is imperative that I quickly connect and adjust my mode of delivery to complement where the client is mentally at the moment. Hence, I look in their eyes, into their pupils to see the condition of their soul for that particular day. The pupils of the eyes do not lie!

Your Entire Life Has Been Recorded on Your Soul

The soul of a man has his/her chronological life events written on it. So the question to ask yourself today is, what life events need revisiting for ex-communication. As humans, the psyche has a way of compartmentalizing what are good and bad life events and stores them in the mind logistically, accordingly. What is the status of your soul today? Is there grief, hopelessness, fear, hurt, pain, numbness, unworthiness, unforgiveness, and ungratefulness? Or, is there joy, peace, love, hope, forgiveness, resilience and bounce back after every life set-back with gratitude? What are you feeding your soul? Who are you allowing in your soul space? What toxins are in your soul from life events that need to be revisited through counseling or life coaching?

Evaluate the condition of your soul today and make sure it is conducive to your realized destiny and purpose for your life. Revisit to ex-communicate what is not an asset to your soul going forward. This is a process and may require assistance from mental health professionals. Whatever it takes to be whole, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

“When your spirit is sick, you need a priest or pastor, when your body is sick, you need a doctor, when your soul is sick, you need psychological counseling!” ~Bobbie Clark-Alexander

Humans are triune beings consisting of spirit, mind, & body. Your spirit has to have spiritual food from a life of prayer and meditation, counsel from a chaplain, pastor, or the like and continued communication with a higher source, supernatural, greater than mankind. Secondly, your body should be properly fed and enriched with proper foods, beverages, exercise, rest, daily physical maintenance/hygiene, and medical care when sick. Thirdly, your soul needs emotional balance, good healthy relationships, and psychological care when sick or confused.

Bobbie Clark-Alexander, the exception to the rule Life Coach & Counselor! Because when everyone else counts you out, she counts you in!

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